“With the appropriate support, any individual has the capacity to become their best self.”

Our History

Started in 2014 as an opportunity to more closely connect the University at Buffalo’s psychiatry department with developing a unique delivery system for autism spectrum care of all cases, Access to Psychiatry Through Intermediate Care (APIC) has evolved since its inception to focus on high priority, complex cases within the ASD world.

  • Mobile Psychiatric Care Unit

  • Optimized Pharmacological Schedules

  • Streamlined Training and Consultative Services


With over 50 years of combined experience in the mental health industry, the team at APIC is here and ready to provide expert advice, information and resources for you.

MICHAEL R. CUMMINGS, M.D.Medical Director
As one of the leading practitioners in the child and adolescent psychiatry space, Dr. Cummings has impacted many roles and institutions in his storied 15+ year career. In that time, he has developed a keen focus and dedication to those affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities, solving incredible challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum, and their families. He is passionate about developing and integrating systems of care, especially for individuals who are at high risk of avoidable hospitalization or incarceration. Dr. Michael Cummings holds multiple esteemed roles in the mental health industry locally and across the state with institutions such as University at Buffalo, Erie County Medical Center (ECMC), OLV Human Services, and NYSTART.
JANELL C. VAN CLEVE, M.S.Ed., CASClinical Director
Janell Van Cleve is the Clinical Director of the University run APIC Program, where she supports the Medical Director in providing care to developmentally disabled individuals with a specialty in the autistic spectrum. Through APIC she has helped to create an innovative and unique model of mobile care to treat a vulnerable and highly overlooked population, and has provided direct clinical care to 1,500+ patients across New York State. She supports further impact in the industry through national consultation and training of mental health professionals, delivering clinical oversight to multiple staff and interns, and has helped acquire sustainable funding for APIC.

Our Mission

To provide outcome-oriented, patient-centered care focused on neuro-behavioral health solutions.

We are subject matter experts who work synergistically with established and entrepreneurial partners, providing efficient, consolidated and streamlined results for the patients and coordinated systems involved.

  • We provide a streamlined and mobile alternative to traditional neuro-behavioral care, on the patient and families terms’, in their space.

  • We will leverage the clinical team’s experience and skill at optimizing pharmacological schedules.

  • We will reduce barriers to entry with wrap around services and more.

Our Vision

Systems optimization in the neuro-behavioral practice – through an optimized and balanced continuum, as well as training and other educational services across multiple channels and audiences.  We endeavor to leverage all available and to-be-determined technologies to provide analysis and care beyond the current geographical region and scope, to increase the breadth and depth of service for the most complex neurobehavioral cases across the nation.

  • Channel agnostic solutions that are fully optimized and patient-centered.

  • We will break down silos to traditional care and generate a complete continuum-of-care that benefits the patients and families using the services.

  • We will remove redundancies and inefficiencies from the healthcare system – vastly improving service levels and profit margins across the industry.

  • We will provide a training and development platform for other practitioners and clinicians in the space, providing unique assistance on cases as well as best-practice guidance with what works in neurobehavioral health.



“This is a novel, innovative program and an opportunity to design a system that will really work in an era of cost containment.”

Steven Dubovsky, M.D., Professor and Chair - Department of Psychiatry, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

“Since its inception, APIC has provided vitally important inpatient and mobile psychiatric interventions and case management for children, adolescents, and adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities, particularly for those individuals whose needs require care beyond what is offered in traditional care settings.   It has given a level of support for the families of these individuals in many cases to remain in their homes, and receive the love and care they need.  ECMC has partnered with APIC to identify individuals that could benefit from APIC’s services.  With its primary goal of keeping individuals out of institutional settings, this innovative and ground-breaking program has benefitted hundreds of Western New Yorkers and their families.  ECMC is proud to be a partner with Dr. Michael Cummings and his team and it is gratifying to see this unique program, started here in Western New York, extending across New York State.”

Thomas J. Quatroche Jr., PhD, President and CEO, ECMC
+ Cases Seen
+ Home Visits
% Reduction in Family Distress
% Reduction in Hospitalizations
% Reduction in Emergency Room Visits